Abroad in Mainz | Summer is back

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June, this month belongs to summer. Finally I can wear a T-shirt instead of a heavy sweater. The farmers' market which is held in the city centre of Mainz at the weekends is crowded with people.

Sunshine, a glass of wine, a box of strawberries, a bunch of asparagus and a jar of fresh jam - these are the gifts from this season. This is summer in Germany, with flowers everywhere, with a smile every time.

A glass of elegance

In Germany, especially in Rhineland-Palatinate, you shall never miss the wine. If beer is the metaphor for Apollo with enthusiasm, then wine is the Venus with elegance. Before I came to Germany, i had already heard of the vineyards and numerous kinds of wine. 

Every time i take the train to somewhere, i always enjoy the view of the vineyards. And almost every town has a winery, follow the flavour and you may find the way.

Once i attended a small wine festival at the Schillerplatz with my host father. Although it was a rainy day, many people were around. We ordered a glass of wine and a portion of pretzels. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the taste of wine.

At night, I light up candles and drink wine with friends. This is romantic and peaceful, letting the stress go away. As the old saying goes: Im Wein liegt die Wahrheit, which means In wine, there is truth. After abreacting all the unhappiness, the happiness will stay in the heart.

A song of happiness

Last month I have been to Stuttgart for a performance from my favourite German music band. Unfortunately it was raining the whole day and i didn't visit many famous spots. The first place I visited was the Schlossplatz. Coincidentally there was a choir festival at that time. Although it was raining heavily, no one was disturbed by it. Even the passersby stopped to sing along. The beautiful music was lingering around my ears for a long time.

At night I went to the bar to attend the concert. It was actually the first time I went to a concert in a bar. So it became a precious experience for me.

The band is called Berge. I had heard their songs many years before I came to Germany. Therefore I was really excited to finally realise one of my dreams in Germany!

At the beginning the audience was a little bit reserved. But then with the fabulous melody and the attractive play, I was totally relaxed and swung with the music. We jumped, we screamed, we laughed. On concerts, I prefer standing to sitting. It is more free and interactive.

At the end of the concert, I talked to the singers and appreciated this unforgettable evening. "We wish you all the best in Germany and for your German studies!", they answered.

A night of enthusiasm

June not only means summer days but also a great event for all the football fans: the European Championship. Every night all the fans dress in the German colours: black, red and yellow. To be frank, I am not a "professional" fan. The biggest joy for me is the atmosphere among the fans. Everyone cheers when a football player scores a goal and shouts when he loses a chance.

The first game I saw was Germany vs. Ukraine. All seats were taken so I had to stand during the entire game. "Jawohl! Jawohl!" The girls who stood next to me shouted. "Nein! Mist!" The ball was kicked out of the field. At the end of game, Schweinsteiger scored the last goal. 2:0! All of a sudden, the whole room burst out cheering and applauding.

On my way back home, fans sang loudly and danced excitedly on the street. They were German football fans, with enthusiasm and passion.

Cheers! To victory!

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